Vol 16, No 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Early Childhood Education and Care

Table of Contents

عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Special Issue: "Early Childhood Education and Care"

Early Childhood Education and Care: Special Issue Introduction HTML PDF
Linda Houser, Jessica M. Kahn, Corey S. Shdaimah
Examining the Child Care Cliff Effect in a Rural Setting HTML PDF
Susan Roll
Provider Perspectives on Child Care in the United States HTML PDF
Elizabeth Palley, Corey S. Shdaimah
Distributed Leadership: A framework for enhancing quality in early learning programs HTML PDF
Heather Beaudin
Responding to an Increased Minimum Wage: A Mixed Methods Study of Child Care Businesses during the Implementation of Seattle's Minimum Wage Ordinance HTML PDF
Jennifer J. Otten, Katherine Getts, Anne Althauser, James Buszkiewicz, Ekaterina Jardim, Heather D. Hill, Jennifer Romich, Scott W. Allard
Ranking Work-Family Policies across OECD Countries: Implications for Work-Family Conflict, Gender Equality, and Child Well-being HTML PDF
I-Hsuan Lin
Examining the Role of Social Justice Grantmaking on Childcare Advocacy and Community Organizing Among Women of Color HTML PDF
Nicole Robinson, Aleyamma Mathew
Policy Development and Advocacy: The Analysis of a Paid Family Leave Bill in the Hawaii State Legislature HTML PDF
Jing Guo, Hua Zan

SW&S Forum

Siblings of Adults with Learning Disabilities: An Empirical Study HTML PDF
Valerie Gant
Connections Matter: Family Centers and German Social Policy HTML PDF
Onno Husen, Philipp Sandermann
Evaluating the Field Practicum Experience in Social Work Fieldwork Programs Using an Online Survey Approach: Student and Supervisor Responses HTML PDF
Margaret Pack
Building capabilities in disabled job seekers: A qualitative study of the Remploy Work Choices programme in Scotland HTML PDF
Peter J. Robertson
Child Rights-Based Analysis of Children without Parental Care in Lesotho HTML PDF
Pius T. Tanga, Magdaline Tanga, Perpetua L. Tanyi