Vol 14, No 2 (2016)

Foster Care and Development


Table of Contents

Special Issue: "Foster Care and Development"

Editorial: Foster Care and Development HTML PDF
Daniela Reimer, Dirk Schäfer, Judith Pierlings, Klaus Wolf
Achieving good outcomes in foster care: a personal perspective on research across contexts and cultures. HTML PDF
June Thoburn
What is meant by social pedagogical research into foster children? HTML PDF
Klaus Wolf
Diversity, difference and belonging in childhood: Issues for foster care and identities HTML PDF
Ann Phoenix
Constructions and balances of normality in the biographies of former foster children HTML PDF
Daniela Reimer
Bridges between families. Contact and its meaning for foster children, foster parents and birth families HTML PDF
Carmen Hofer-Temmel
, Christina Rothdeutsch-Granzer

Can we plan services for children in foster care? Or do we just have to cope with what comes through the door? HTML PDF
Roger Bullock
Foster care: motivations and challenges for foster families HTML PDF
Cinzia Canali, Roberto Maurizio, Tiziano Vecchiato

SW&S Forum

The 'alien other': A culture of dehumanizing immigrants in the United States HTML PDF
Douglas Epps, Rich Furman
Managing complex child law – social workers’ decision making under Danish legal regulation HTML PDF
Idamarie Leth Svendsen
The Sociological Imagination of Meals on Wheels: How a Home Delivered Meal Program Sheds Light onto Larger Social Issues. HTML PDF
Zachary Hozid, David Fazzino
Economization Discourse in the Process of Creating Professional Ideas of Family Assistants HTML PDF
Izabela Kamińska-Jatczak