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Vulnerable Youth in Europe – Creating Capabilities: New SW&S-Special Issue!

In “modern societies” children and youth have often been the carrier of the future: fear as well as hope were projected by adult society on the younger generation. Regarding the precariousness of young people in Europe in the 21st century – symbolized not least by a quarter of all young people in unemployment (on average) – the question arises if that model is invalid. Advanced liberal and capitalist societies seem to miss an idea of the future and with youth as a carrier of it, what can make the impression of a cynical acknowledgment of Fukuyama's argument of the end of history.

A group of young researchers have been working on political and educational perspectives to react on that development in the last years: The Training Network “Education as Welfare - Enhancing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth in Europe” (EduWel) has investigated transition pathways of socially vulnerable youth after compulsory schooling. The results, considerations, and recommendations of this empirical and theoretical work are presented in the new SW&S.Special Issue.

The SW&S Editorial Board is very pleased to have the possibility to publish the papers of the EduWel-researches: They contribute relevant arguments to a main question of European social and educational policy. Therefore SW&S is very thankful to our guest editors, Susanne Gottuck and Hans-Uwe Otto (both: University of Bielefeld/ Germany).

We hope that all SW&S users do enjoy reading the new SW&S-Special Issue!

The SW&S.Co-Ordinating Office